We expect your participation in our two-day ceremony soon. We hope you are doing well and that you are looking forward to the ceremony days as much as we do.

We would like to ask you to read the information below carefully so that you are well prepared.

Practical info:

The address where the ceremony will take place:

Batterijstraat 23 B, Lithoijen

Please note that it is not at 23 A where the gallery is located

The ceremony starts between 13:00-13:30 – The ceremony starts around 14:00.

Please do not arrive earlier due to preparations of supervisors; The door will be locked before 13:00.

It is highly recommended  not to eat anything after 10:00 in the morning. We recommend that you have breakfast before then.  We do not recommend eating anything, because it can stop the metabolism and make the ‘journey’ physically more demanding.

The next day there will be breakfast from 08:30 h. Between 09:30-10:00 we will share our experiences, after which everyone is free to organize his or her time until the second ceremony. This will start around 14:00. (possible new participants arrive around 13:00) The next day breakfast is again from 08:30 h. Between 09:30-10:00 we will have a sharing, after which everyone is free to continue his or her journey home.

Parking is available at the end of the site, see ‘P’ signs. Follow the signs of ‘The Sweet Spot’ to the ceremon room.



If you travel by public transport, the nearest bus stop is ‘Lithoijen kerk’.


Upon arrival, the supervisors will be ready to receive you. Sometimes it can be a bit chaotic at first, when all the people arrive at the same time. Feel free to see where you feel comfortable; in the kitchen or in the ceremony room.

When everyone has arrived, we will have a short 1 on 1 intake with everyone and take a small walk outside to ‘land’ and relax.

What to bring:

the remaining amount in cash (please put the exact amount in an envelope with your name on it)

– pillow(s) (an extra pillow is nice so you can sit against the wall)

– duvet or warm blanket (you can also use this to sleep under)

– waterbottle


– extra clothes/clothes for the night

Please note: make sure you don’t forget anything, we don’t have anything to lend

If necessary, bring: earplugs for sleeping, an object that is of special value to you (for example a gem / photo…), a notepad, possibly a musical instrument, eye mask. Swimwear for when you want to swim in the swimming pond in the morning.

Don’t bring:

Large suitcases, these are difficult to move on our gravel paths and there is not enough space to store them. Rather use a weekend bag (or something like that) to transport your belongings.

Sleeping takes place in the ceremony room.

There is also enough space for campers at the parking lot.

Dress code: comfortable warm clothing, natural fabrics and multiple layers. Some people are used to wearing white clothing from other settings, you certainly don’t have to unless you want to.

Comfortable (waterproof) shoes, warm socks/slippers.

 Meals are included; Day 1 consists of bread, soup and fruit. Day 2 consists of bread and vegetarian hot meals. If you are a really ‘big eater’ and like to snack in the later hours, we recommend that you bring something extra yourself.

In the morning there is a simple breakfast consisting of bread, various spreads, eggs. If you prefer not to eat bread, we recommend that you take care of your own breakfast.

Furthermore, we trust that you are aware of the diseases/conditions that pose a risk. You can find these on our website: Health & Diet ⋆ Divine Plant Medicine ceremonies (divine-healing.nl)

Info set and setting Jurema + Huachuma ceremony

There are a number of points we ask you to pay attention to:

  • Respect the altar and the instruments. If you want to try something out, ask one of the supervisors first.
  • We ask you to keep the place of the supervisors free.
  • Before the ceremony begins, we ask you to enter the ceremony room in peace and keep it.
  • Only at Huachuma ceremony: During the ceremony everyone is free to go outside, we would like to ask everyone to stay on the premises. The grounds consist of the garden adjacent to the ceremony room, the sculpture gardens and the swimming pond.
  • Only at Jurema: As long as you are still under the influence, it is not allowed to go outside.
  • Use of mobile phones is not allowed during the ceremony. Also, phones are not allowed in the ceremony room, not even before and after a ceremony.
  • Use of Santa Maria (marijuana) is not allowed during the ceremony
  • Sleeping takes place in the ceremony room. We will adapt the setting for the people who want to sleep earlier.
  • For safety reasons, we do not serve tea during the Jurema ceremony to ’travelers’ in the ceremony room
  • Please treat the space with respect and leave it tidy. For the kitchen; What you don’t use anymore: put it in the dishwasher… we highly appreciate it!

During the opening of the ceremony,  we ask you to set your intention. Of course, this is not mandatory. 

We are here for you and we will do our utmost to ensure that your stay with us will be comfortable.

It is recommended to also read our FAQ by clicking here

We look forward to meet you (again) and are honored that you will participate to a plant medicine ceremony at DiVine. It will be a beautiful, wholesome, and valuable experience for you. See you soon!

Warm greetings,

Nadesha & team